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Grey Squirrels

The grey squirrel is common in parks and woodland mainly in England & Wales although usually an outdoor dweller, it may gain access to homes, usually the roof or loft space.

Why it is a pest

The grey squirrel can be destructive, gnawing at fascias joists and even wiring in roof spaces, they may also make nests (Dreys) from loft insulation or other material found in roof spaces. Squirrels can usually be heard in roof spaces because of their movement and gnawing, usually at dawn & dusk when they leave or return to the drey. Squirrels are incredibly agile and will scale vertical walls to access their nests

Biology of the Pest

Squirrels are usually born in February/March after a gestation period of 45 days, second litters may also be born in June/July, generally leaving the nest in August/September. Litters usually number 3-4.

Signs of Pest Presence

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